About the area

The biggest advantage of Primorsko is that it borders with the Black Sea and that the beach line of the municipality is the longest and the widest of all the municipalities on the Southern Black Sea coast.
Ropotamo ReserveIn the Ropotamo Reserve, the famous dense forests, overgrown wit h dense lilac vegetation, thrive. Only here in the world grows the unique Strandzha pontic rhododendron ( Rhododendron ponticum L.)
Historical Museum of Primorsko Old knowledge, centuries-old experience and a look at the future that has come to us. If you are in Primorsko even for a day, do not hesitate to visit it!

Urdoviza - the ancient fortress near Kiten

Urdoviza is a fortress from the Trojan War in XII century BC. It has been proven to have had a military port from which deliveries were made for Troy